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    As we all know, all walks of life use a variety of instruments and equipment, in the operation of this kind of equipment, if you do not understand its operating principles, in the operation, it will affect its reliability. Now let's introduce to you what matters should be paid attention to when operating the photovoltaic module test equipment. This is what we are concerned about. Now let's look at the details that should be paid attention to to to ensure reliability. For people who often operate such equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to these matters.

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    Changzhou Kemai Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, a beautiful Jiangnan Water Town. It is a professional unit integrating scientific research, development, research and manufacturing of simulation environment test equipment. The company's products have been unanimously recognized and highly appraised by the majority of users. The products are widely used in solar photovoltaic, led, semiconductor, communication, aerospace, biotechnology, hardware machinery, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Main products: high and low temperature test box, constant temperature and humidity test box, salt spray test box, climate resistance test box, aging test box, drug stability test box, crosslinking degree tester, humidity cold wet freezing test box, hail test machine, hot spot durability test machine, UV pretreatment test machine, wet leakage current test system, peeling test machine and other 40 kinds of solar photovoltaic products Auxiliary equipment. The products are strictly in accordance with the new standards GB, GJB, IEC, UL, ASTM, etc.

    Kemai always abides by the tenet of "people-oriented, technological innovation, scientific management, quality victory, customer first", makes full use of research strength, and constantly absorbs advanced technologies and processes at home and abroad, so that the production of various test equipment is in a leading position in China. At present, Kemai R & D center has gathered technical experts in the fields of spectral analysis, optical materials research, computer software and hardware update, and electronic and electrical fields, and has achieved a major breakthrough in the technology of a series of instruments.

    As one of the pioneers of photovoltaic experimental instruments, Kemai has been committed to basic research in the field of photovoltaic, tracing the source of IEC, UL and ASTM standards, exploring from the physical property test of photovoltaic modules to the composition analysis of photovoltaic materials.

    In the process of independent research and development, Kemai continuously cooperates and exchanges with peers at home and abroad as well as enterprises or research departments with special professional level, so as to improve its own technical level, accumulate production experience and provide customers with high-quality products.

    Through continuous innovation, with advanced design ideas, professional production technology and good after-sales service, Kemai has developed advanced and reliable environmental test instruments and equipment, providing excellent products for customers, creating value for customers and jointly creating a successful development environment.

    Kemai has won high praise from domestic and foreign customers by strengthening quality awareness, continuously meeting customer requirements, strengthening competition awareness, increasing product sales volume, strengthening management awareness and continuously improving quality system. Employees abide by the enterprise spirit of "opening up, innovation, pragmatism and striving", strive to establish a more perfect management system according to the modern enterprise system, and devote themselves to the domestic market.

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